February Newsletter 2018

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we are planning individual classroom Valentine’s Parties!

Tuesday,Thursday 3’s will celebrate,Tuesaday, February  13th.

All other classes will celebrate, Wednesday, February 14th.

Children may bring Valentines for their classmates. Please bring one Valentine for each child in the room. One or two extras are always appreciated in case of accidents. We will begin accepting Valentines Monday February 5th.

Please note: Our Just Barely Threes Class will not have a classroom celebration.


Calendar and Upcoming Events

February 13-14 :     Classroom Valentine’s Parties

February 19:          Teacher In-Service Day…..NO CLASSES

February 23:          Volunteer Fun Friday!

February 26-March 2: Teacher Appreciation Week

March 1:                 2018 fall registration opens to the public

March 6-7:             Life Touch Portraits

March 12-16:          Spring Break….NO CLASSES


Snow Day Reminder:  If Omaha Public Schools are closed due to weather, the Rainbow Factory is also closed.


Priority Registration at Rainbow Factory

We are now accepting registration paperwork from our current Rainbow Factory Families. If you would like to discuss class placement for next year, your child’s teacher and Mrs. Pressnall will be happy to assist you. Registration will open to the public on March 1st.


Parent Corner

Learning begins the moment your child enters the room at the Rainbow Factory.  For instance, in the first 20 minutes of our day the following skills are reinforced:

·         Name and alphabet recognition; number recognition

·         Listening and focusing activities

·         Word recognition and sounds and letters

·         Auditory activities and visual perception/discrimination activities

·         Introduction of the story of the day and learning about author and illustrators

·         Vocabulary and the meaning of words and review of skills learned the previous day

We are concerned when children miss these important opportunities.  It is important to have your child here at the appropriate time so she/he does not miss out on these skills.  Preschool doors open and learning begins at 9:00am; 9:30am; 12:30pm depending on your child’s class time.

We are pleased to have so many children bring a backpack or tote bag to preschool.  This is a form of responsibility.  The staff tries very hard to have the children be responsible for their papers and artwork and assists the children with putting their papers in the backpack.  Please check your child’s backpack regularly.

The restroom to the right of the glass doors is designated for preschoolers.  Please remind your preschooler to wash his/her hands before going into class. This helps keep everyone in our school healthy and ready to learn.




 Just Barely Threes Class

Color: blue                      Shape: square                Unit: Friendship and Rainbows

Objectives: Child progresses in exploration and experimentation with new


                   Child will demonstrate a basic understanding of classroom routine.   

                   Child plays actively with other children.


In February we will continue to build each child’s confidence in the classroom, and continue learn about how to be a good friend. Students will demonstrate sharing with each other. We will enjoy literature exploring ways to take turns and share. In addition to reading and retelling the story ofThe Rainbow Fish, students will participate in a rainbow science experiment. It’s sure to be a meaningful month of learning.

Threes Classes

Colors: purple and pink     Shape: hexagon     Unit: Our Feelings and Valentine’s Day

Objectives:  Child expresses feelings, and shows concern for others.

                    Child uses compromise and resolution skills.

                    Child follows rules, routines, and directions

Our Threes students will engage in a wonderful month of learning about our feelings and how to identify them.  We will describe feeling joyful, happy, sad, shy, hurt, and angry among other feelings.  Our Valentine’s Day theme will include sorting hearts by color and size, a seriation  activity, and using our fine motor skills to create Valentine’s Day bags.  We will celebrate people we love, and share items we love!

M-F AM and Full Day, MWF  PM

Colors: purple and pink                                Shapes: parallolgram and trapezoid

                          Units: Dinosaurs and Valentine’s Day

Numbers: 15, 16, 17         Letters: Dd, Vv, Kk, Uu           Word Family: ‘it’

D is for dinosaur! Our students will be having a roaring good time learning this month! We will be learning about dinosaurs while reading non-fiction and fiction books. Our students will participate in a variety of dinosaur themed activities in the classroom, including creating volcanoes.  We will also enjoy celebrating our friends and loved ones as Valentine’s Day approaches.  Our dinosaur themed valentine’s boxes will be fun addition to our classroom celebrations. 


Our Wish List

disinfecting wipes

hand soap

hand sanitizer



A Very Big Thank You To…

Our January Fun Friday volunteers! These volunteers donated their time and talents to create materials and activities for our classrooms. Thank you Mrs. Becker,  Mrs. Dorr, Mr.Fargo, Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Sanaga Varapu, Mrs. Stokes, and Mrs. Urbieta You are all amazing and very much appreciated by our entire staff!