April Newsletter 2018

Spring is here, and we look forward to sharing this beautiful month of April with your children!  Our month begins with Parent-Teacher Sharing on April 5th and 6th. This is a valuable time for us to learn about your child, and share your child’s individual classroom goals and progress.   On April 19th we will be hosting our Spring Fling Family Fundraiser.  All funds raised during this event will be put into our 2018-19 Scholarship Fund and used for classroom materials.  We will enjoy our friendships and some sunshine this month! Happy Spring!


Spring Fling Family Fundraiser

All are welcome to our Spring Fling Family Fundraiser! It will take place on Thursday, April 19th from 6-7:30pm.

Please invite your family and friends to join us for a wonderful night of fun! We will be offering a delicious dinner of pizza, breadsticks, and drinks. Meal tickets must be purchased in advance for $10.00 for each adult and $5.00 for each child.  There will also be games, prizes, a bake sale, and more! Game and activity tickets are available for 50 cents each. Game tickets may be purchased in advance, or may be purchased the night of the event. 




Camp Rainbow

We are excited to announce that Rainbow Factory  will offer three fun filled camps this summer! Tuition will be $110.00 per camp. All camps will take place from 9:00am until 12:00pm Monday through Thursday.  Camp enrollment will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Magnicficent, Marvelous  Mercer Meyer!     June 4th – 7th 

This week campers will celebrate the books of beloved author Mercer Meyer.  There will be gardening activities, imaginative crafts, and a scavenger hunt during this fun filled time! 

For the Love of Legos!        June 11th – 14th

Let’s go Legos! During camp we will use Legos to create a maze, games,  and even a pizza! Expect some exciting crafts to be sent home this week! 

Lovely, Lovely Legos!           June 18th- 21st 

The Legos adventure continues with an entirely new week of Lego centered crafts and activities.  Our campers will engage in cooperative play while building towers and wonderful friendships!


Calendar and Upcoming Events

April 5-6:         Parent-Teacher Sharing

April 6:             NO CLASSES

April 19:           Spring Fling Family Fundraiser, 6-7:30pm

April 20:           Teacher In-Service Day, NO CLASSES

May 16:             Last Day of School and Family Picnic 11am; All Rainbow Factory

                         Families are welcome. Morning classes will begin at regular time

                         with dismissal after picnic. There will be no afternoon classes



Just Barely Threes Class

Color: yellow                      Shape: triangle                Unit: Friendship and Family

Objectives: Child engages in activities with imagination and curiosity.

                   Child develops fine motor skills through participation in activities.                 

                   Child explores painting, writing, and drawing.


In April we will celebrate our families, and continue to learn about being a good friend.  Rainbow Factory teaches a problem solving curriculum to all our students called Relationship Roots.  We will spend this month learning the steps of solving a problem. We will start by identifying our feelings, and then talking about our choices.  In addition to this important life skill, we will learn about each other’s families.  Every family is special, just as each one of us is special!


Threes Classes

Color: review all colors                                        Shape: review all learned shapes    

                           Unit: Spring, Growing, Nursery Rhymes                                      

Objectives:  Child follows through with activities with persistence and focused


                    Child uses strength and control to perform simple tasks.

                    Child uses one to one matching (correspondence).

We will welcome spring time in our threes classes by planting flowers and learning what a flower needs to grow. We will also enjoy fiction and non-fiction literature about this beautiful season.  Nursery rhymes are always a favorite theme for our preschoolers. Our students will learn the poems, as well as engage in hands-on art projects and sequencing activities.  In addition to this, we will focus on each student developing their number sense and practicing one to one correspondence when counting.

M-F AM and Full Day, MWF  PM

Colors: review all colors                                        Shapes: cylinder, cone

     Units: Mexico                                 Numbers: skip counting, counting by tens      Letters:  Jj, Kk, Oo                                                          Word Family: ‘og’

We are excited to learn about, and celebrate, our neighboring country of Mexico! Our students will learn about special events in the Mexican culture and create hands on art projects to correspond to these events.  In addition to creating paper mache piñatas and maracas,  our students will learn the Mexican Hat Dance while they learn about its cultural importance.  We will also learn about traditional Mexican food, and even have a taco day at Rainbow Factory!  We look forward to this month of meaningful learning.


Our Wish List

Legos, any size,  new or gently used