November 2017 Newsletter

November is another activity-filled month for our preschoolers. Our classes will be celebrating families and traditions.  In addition to our Rainbow Factory parents participating in parent-teacher sharing, our preschoolers will be ending our month with a gingerbread man hunt. It’s sure to be a month of excitement and discovery!

We wish all of our families a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.


Calendar and Upcoming Events

November 8th       Scholastic Orders Due

November 9th & 10th Parent/Teacher Sharing

November 10th       NO CLASSES, parents only

November 17th      Volunteer  Fun Friday 

November 22rd-24th   Thanksgiving Break , NO CLASSES

December 8       4’s and 5’s Gingerbread House Party

                           9:45am Mrs. Battey’s Class

                           1:15pm Mrs. Bird’s Class

                          (Please note, there will be no Gingerbread House Party for our

                           Threes Classes)

December 19th    T/TH Threes Class Christmas Program 11AM

December 20th    11AM and 2PM Christmas Program for all other classes

December 21st-January 8th    Christmas Break, NO CLASSES

January 9th          Preschool Resumes


Parent/Teacher Sharing


This is the time in our schedule for parents to meet with your child’s teacher(s) and learn about the preschool day.  Start by putting the conference date and time on your calendar, and plan to arrive on time.  Some parents make a list of questions to ask.  You might wonder which classroom activities your child chooses or who she plays with.  At the conference the teacher will show you examples of your child’s work.  She might also mention skills your child needs to work on such as raising her hand, listening when the teacher is giving directions, and using scissors.  When you get home, talk about the conference with your child so he/she will know that you and the teacher are working together.   

November is the month for our first parent-teacher sharing opportunity.  As always, we encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher as often as needed, but this scheduled time allows the parents and teachers to get to know each other better and learn more about their child’s preschool experience.  We encourage parents only to attend as these conferences are not developmentally appropriate for children to attend. Conferences will be held Thursday November 9th  in the evening, and Friday November 10th during the day.  Available times will vary from class to class.  There will be no student classes on Friday November 10th.


Rainbow Factory on Instagram

That’s right, in addition to our website and facebook page, Rainbow Factory now has an Instagram Account!  When you have a free moment, please take a look at Rainbowfactoryomaha on Instagram.  It’s a great way to peek into our school day. You will see some beautiful pictures of our students engaged in meaningful learning and having fun!



Illness Reminder:  This is a reminder that we have a policy which requires the exclusion of any child who has any illness associated with a fever or any communicable conditions such as diarrhea, ringworm, impetigo, head lice, pink eye, and scabies.  Please keep your child home if he/she is contagious, has had a fever within the previous 24 hours, has a constant cough, exhibits a rash or is generally tired/cranky.  If you feel your child may be able to attend preschool with any of the above conditions, you will need to provide a written statement from your physician indicating that the child's illness/condition is not communicable. 


Snow Days

Yes, it is that time of the year when we may have snowy weather!  When Omaha Public Schools (OPS) are canceled due to inclement weather, the Rainbow Factory classes will also be cancelled.  Please make your own decision regarding the conditions of roads in your area, as weather conditions vary greatly across the city.  You and your children’s safety is the first concern!



Threes Classes

Color: Brown                   Shape:  Triangle                              Unit:  Folk Tales

 Objectives: Child will ask permission to share a desired toy.

                    Child will use words to express feelings.

                   Child will attempt to solve conflicts independently.

This will be a fun month filled with meaningful learning. Our Threes students will be learning and celebrating traditional folk tales. As students are learning the tale of the  Little Red Hen, they will bake bread and make butter.  Students will identify small, medium, and large objects as they read the story of The Three Bears. After reading the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff our students will retell the story as a classroom play.  We will finish up our month with a Gingerbread Man Hunt! That tricky guy keeps getting away!


M-F AM and Full Day, MWF  PM

Colors: Brown        Shapes: Diamond, Oval      Units: Camping, Family

Numbers: 8,9,10              Letters: Cc, Mm, Ll         Word Family: ‘at’

Our four and five year old students will be celebrating families this month, and learning about how each family is  different and special.  There will  be many meaningful camping activities presented in the classroom. Our students will continue to develop their number sense as they  learn the concept of addition, and the terms more and less. In our full day classroom, students are also continuing to build their understanding of subtraction as well as learning the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.  All or classes will be participating in a Gingerbread Man Hunt at the end of the month!  Will we finally catch him this time?



Our Wish List

wrapping paper

scotch tape on individual dispenser


A Very Big Thank You To…

To all the families that donated  supplies to our Fall Festival Fundraiser. Your donation helped make the event a huge success! A special thank you to our event volunteers, the gift of your time made everything run so smoothly!  Thank you  Mr. Battey, Mrs. Beck,  Mrs. Dorr, Mr. Fargo, Mrs. Garden, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Norman, Mr. Pressnall, Mrs. Scheuerman, and Mr. VanKat.

All our October  Fun Friday volunteers. These volunteers gave their time and talent to create materials and supplies for our classrooms.  Their kindness is very much appreciated.  Thank you Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. Hughes, and  Mrs. Nosal Urbieta.

Thank you to First United Methodist Church member Ron Alexander for his generous donation of pumpkins to our preschool and Fall Fundraiser.