December Newsletter 2018

Happy Holidays! December is a merry month for little ones!  At the Rainbow Factory, we enjoy sharing the weeks before Christmas with your preschooler.  Holidays are special, but also very busy.  The Rainbow Factory staff works diligently to maintain a calm, relaxed environment for the children.  We have found that maintaining basic routines avoids over-stimulation.  In the weeks ahead we will maintain our normal class routines, and enjoy this special time together.

Calendar and Upcoming Events

December 7       4s and 5s Elf Party

                           9:45am Full Day Class and M-F AM 4s and 5s Class

                           1:15pm MWF 4s and 5s Class

                      Please note, there will be no Elf Party for our Threes Classes. This Celebration is

                           a special event that every Rainbow Factory will experience while in the 4 and 5

                          year old classroom.

December 18th    T/TH Threes Class Christmas Program 11AM

December 19th    11AM and 2PM Christmas Program for all other classes

                               There will be no Stretch-n-Grow on December 19th

December 20th-January 7th    Christmas Break, NO CLASSES

January 8th          Preschool Resumes

January 10th     6-6:30PM Just Barely Threes Class Open House

January 17th     1-3PM Just Barely Threes First Day of School

January 21st      Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NO CLASSES


Snow Days

It is that time of the year when we may have snowy weather!  When Omaha Public Schools (OPS) are canceled due to inclement weather, Rainbow Factory classes will also be cancelled.  Please make your own decision regarding the conditions of roads in your area, as weather conditions vary greatly across the city.  You and your children’s safety is our first concern!


Illness Reminder

 This is a reminder that we have a policy which requires the exclusion of any child who has any illness associated with a fever or any communicable conditions such as diarrhea, ringworm, impetigo, head lice, pink eye, and scabies.  Please keep your child home if he/she is contagious, has had a fever within the previous 24 hours, has a constant cough, exhibits a rash or is generally tired/cranky.  If you feel your child may be able to attend preschool with any of the above conditions, you will need to provide a written statement from your physician indicating that the child's illness/condition is not communicable. 


Gingerbread House Party                                              

Our 4 and 5 year classes will be celebrating with an Elf Party on Friday December 7th. During the party, each child will participate in elf themed activities and enjoy a special experience with their  friends! This will be part of your child’s normal school day. Your child’s teacher will be asking for donations and volunteers to help with this party.




Christmas Program

We hope you and your family will join us for our Christmas Program.  Please mark your calendar for your child’s performance.  Your child’s class will begin at the normal time.

December 18th    11AM  Christmas Program for T/TH Threes Class

                                     Dismissal will immediately follow

December 19th    11AM Christmas Program  for M/W/F Threes Classes

                                     M-F Morning and Full Day Class,

                                     Dismissal will immediately follow

                              2PM   Christmas Program for M/W/F Afternoon Classes

                                     Dismissal will immediately follow


Parent Corner

Please notify the preschool if you have any changes in phone numbers, place of employment, etc.  We need accurate information for your child’s safety.

Please label all coats, light jackets, backpacks and outer garments with your child’s name.  Labeling the items avoids any mix-ups.  It’s amazing how many similar coats we have hanging up at the same time!


Our Wish List

Scotch tape in individual dispensers

wrapping paper

A Very Big Thank You To…

All our November Fun Friday volunteers. These volunteers donated their time and talents to create materials and activities for our classrooms. Thank you Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Stwaniak.


Mr. Battey for helping keep our natural playground beautiful, and bagging up leaves.  Your time spent at Rainbow Factory is appreciated by our entire staff!