October 2019 Newsletter


We had a magnificent first month at Rainbow Factory preschool! The children have transitioned into the new school year wonderfully and engaged in many exciting learning opportunities! Thank you to all of the wonderful parents and caregivers who are enabling your children’s success! This month kicks off with our Parent Classroom Visitation, an annual opportunity to explore your child’s classroom with them. Following that will be school pictures with Melynda Marie Photography and we will close out October with our Halloween Parade!

Rainbow Factory Calendar and Upcoming Events
October 1 & 2     Parent Observation and Visitation of Classroom
October 8 & 9     School Pictures with Melynda Marie Photography
October 18          Parent Volunteer Fun Friday!
October 30          Halloween Parade  

                             11am  MWF AM 3’s class,
                             2:30pm  MWF PM 3’s,  MWF PM 4’s and 5’s class

October 31         Halloween Parade

                            11am T/Th 3’s classes, M-F AM 4’s and 5’s

                             2:30pm  Full Day
November 7-8   Parent/Teacher Sharing

November 7       NO CLASSES for half day students only
November  8      NO CLASSES  for all students
November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break  NO CLASSES
 Rainbow Factory Parent Observation

We are excited to invite parents to visit and observe the classroom on a special day and time.  This is the time for you to see what we do in the classroom.  Your child will be excited to share his/her room with you.


Tuesday, October 1         T/Th 3’s class 11-11:30AM

                                            Full Day class 9-10AM



Wednesday, October 2   MWF 3’s AM class 11-11:30AM

                                           M-F 4’s and 5’s AM class 9-10AM

                                           MWF 3’s PM class 2:15-2:45PM

                                           MWF 4’s and 5’s PM class 12:30-1:30PM


  Melynda Marie  Photography
Individual and class pictures will be taken at the Rainbow Factory by Melynda Marie Photography.  All preschoolers and siblings (if you would like) may be photographed on Tuesday, October 8th and Wednesday, October 9th. If you would like your Rainbow Factory student(s) to be photographed with any siblings not attending our school, please bring them to Rainbow Factory Tuesday and Wednesday morning 8:30-9:00am.
Tuesday, October  8th    T/Th 3’s class
                                           Full Day class
Wednesday, October 9th  MWF AM 3’s class
                                       M-F AM  4’s and 5’s class
                                       MWF  PM 3’s  class
                                       MWF PM 4’s and 5’s class
Halloween Celebration
We are looking forward to a spooktackular Halloween Celebration at Rainbow Factory! In addition to a classroom party and trick-or-treating, students will participate in a Halloween Parade within the school that familie are welcome to attend.

Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes upon arrival. Please consider your child’s costume carefully.  We suggest costumes that allow freedom of movement. Makeup or face paint is preferred in lieu of masks as they can inhibit breathing and your child’s visibility. Classroom safety is our number one priority!  If you would like your child to bring special treats for classmates on Halloween, please send them by Monday, October 28th. 


Our suggestions for ‘treats’ are:  stickers, bubbles, small pieces of peanut/walnut free candy, individually wrapped Pirate’s Booty or the like, pencils.

TTH 3’s AM Class – 13 students -Thursday  Oct. 31 11AM -
                                 dismissal will follow
MWF 3’s  AM Class -13 students - Wednesday Oct. 30 11AM -
                                   dismissal will follow
M-F AM 4’s and 5’s Class  - 18 students - Wednesday Oct. 30 11AM -
                                    dismissal will follow
FULL DAY Class - 14 students - Thursday Oct. 31 2:30pm
                              dismissal will follow,

MWF 3’s PM Class - 8 students- Wednesday Oct. 30 2:30PM -
                                  dismissal will follow 

MWF Afternoon 4’s and 5’s  Class - 18 students - Wednesday Oct. 30 2:30PM -
                                                             dismissal will follow 



Learning begins the moment your child enters the room at the Rainbow Factory.  For instance, in the first 20 minutes of our day the following skills are reinforced:

·         Name and alphabet recognition; number recognition

·         Listening and focusing activities

·         Word recognition and sounds and letters

·         Auditory activities and visual perception/discrimination activities

·         Introduction of the story of the day and learning about author and illustrators

·         Vocabulary and the meaning of words and review of skills learned the previous day

We are concerned when children miss these important opportunities.  It is important to have your child here at the appropriate time so she/he does not miss out on these skills.  Preschool doors open and learning begins.

We are pleased to have so many children bring a backpack or tote bag to preschool.  This is a form of responsibility.  The staff tries very hard to have the children be responsible for their papers and artwork and assists the children with putting their papers in the backpack.  Please check your child’s backpack regularly.

The restroom to the right of the glass doors is designated for preschoolers.  Please remind your preschooler to wash his/her hands before going into class. This helps keep everyone in our school healthy and ready to learn.

Snow Days
When Omaha Public Schools (OPS) are canceled due to inclement weather, the Rainbow Factory classes will also be cancelled.  Please make your own decision regarding the conditions of roads in your area, as weather conditions vary greatly across the city.  You and your children’s safety is the first concern!
Show and Tell
Show and Tell is a time when children tell others about one specific
item. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to bring something
special from home, and build confidence speaking in front of others. A reminder
toy guns, knives, swords, bow and arrows, and other items that would hurt someone are not acceptable or appropriate for preschool.
Play Clothes
Please send your child to school in play clothes and sneakers. As we spend time daily in our beautiful nature center, we want your child to be comfortable and above all else, safe! Our nature center boasts a digging center as well as an outdoor easel, two centers that are simultaneously messy AND educational!  
Winter Fundraiser

Our Winter Fundraiser will take place Thursday, January 16th! There will be NO SCHOOL Friday, January 17th. Details to follow in the coming months.

Our Wish List

*A gently used, basic computer for our preschool office
*Halloween themed stickers

*disinfecting wipes
A Very Big Thank You To…
All our September Fun Friday volunteers! Your help and support make our school a truly special place to be.