September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the Rainbow Factory!

We are so excited to begin our new school year! We look forward to sharing this year ahead with your child.  Spending this first month of school building a relationship with your child and engaging him/ her in meaningful learning is a truly joyful experience.  Our facebook and instagram pages are a  great way to peek into our day, and stay current on upcoming events. Our monthly newsletter will include important information about upcoming activities and happenings at the Rainbow Factory.  

All holidays and important dates are listed on the 2018-19 calendar included in your Parent Handbook.  It is important to read the Rainbow Factory Parent Handbook for information about policies pertaining to the preschool.

Rainbow Factory Calendar and Upcoming Events

September 4   Preschool Begins for Just Threes T/TH

                        and M-F AM/  Full Day class

September 5   Preschool Begins for Just Threes  MWF and MWF PM

September 5    Stretch-n-Grow begins

September 14  Four and Five year classes feel free to wear dots to

                        celebrate International Dot Day!

September 28   Fun Friday Volunteer Meeting  9:30am-1:30PM

October 2-3   Parent Observation and Visitation of Classroom

October 8-9  School Pictures with Melynda Marie Photography

October 26   No classes

                       Parent Trivia Fundraiser Event at Slowdown in the evening

October 30    Halloween Parade 11am T/Th 3’s classes,

October 31   Halloween Parade  11am, MWF AM 3’s class, M-F AM, Full Day class

                      2pm  MWF PM 3’s,  MWF PM class



Rainbow Factory Parent Observation

We are excited to invite parents to visit and observe the classroom on a special day and time.  This is the time for you to see what we do in the classroom.  Your child will be excited to share his/her room with you.


Tuesday, October 2         T/Th 3’s class 11-11:30AM

                                            Full Day class 9-10AM



Wednesday, October 3   MWF AM 3’s class 11-11:30AM

                                           M-F AM class 9-10AM

                                           MWF  PM 3’s  class 2:30-3:00PM

                                           MWF PM class 12:30-1:30PM


Rainbow Factory Parent Corner

During the first few weeks of school, don’t be disturbed if your child is shy and clings to you, is aggressive and won’t share, hits and refuses to take turn, resists using the preschool bathroom or has accidents.  These are all symptoms of tension and stress in a new situation and will disappear as your child becomes used to preschool.  The best thing you can do is be supportive and encouraging.


You can help by letting the child stand and watch, not putting pressure on the child to produce something to take home, allowing lots of time for personal routine, breakfast/lunch, having a cheerful, positive attitude as the child leaves  home or preschool and encouraging talk by asking specific questions like “What toy did you play with today?”  The more relaxed the parent, the more relaxed the child.


Dismissal procedures:   Threes Classroom parents in room 101 may come to the classroom door  to pick up their preschooler.  We ask parents of 4’s and 5’s to wait outside the glass double doors at dismissal.  The staff will bring your child to the glass doors and when contact is made with you, will release your preschooler to you.  The 4’s and 5’s preschoolers will fill their backpacks and get jackets on before being dismissed.  This is a responsibility that the children will need to learn before entering Kindergarten. Most school days,  Rainbow Factory staff will address parents with the activities of the day before dismissing children. If you would like to hear the “teacher talk’, please arrive about 10 minutes before dismissal.  Please label coats and backpacks with your child’s name.  Preschoolers will be dismissed to adults only.  Adults are parents and those who have been named on the blue release card.


FYI:  dismissal will be slow at first until staff recognizes parents and children learn the routine.  Please be prepared to show your ID if asked.


The Rainbow Factory encourages good communication between home and preschool.  Please ask questions about the things you do not understand.  If you have a concern about a procedure or safety consideration, please let us know.  We are eager to discuss your child’s progress, but we do not discuss problems in front of children.  Please telephone the school, 402-556-6262 x1009, if your child will be late or absent. 


At the Rainbow Factory the staff requests that all children upon arrival use the bathroom and wash hands with soap and water before entering the classroom.  There are ample restrooms in the building that are for preschoolers to use.  Please help children to become proficient at this skill. 


We ask that all Rainbow Factory parents please park in the east or north parking lots.  Thank you.



Scholastic Book Club

At the Rainbow Factory, we encourage children to love to listen to stories and read.  Reading together at home is fun and also a wonderful way to strengthen reading skills.  You may order online using the class activation code: PRK9L or you may bring your order and money to the preschool.  Every order earns FREE books and resources for the classroom.  This year we will use “scholastic bonus points” to purchase books with audio cds for our classroom libraries.  Rainbow Factory will order monthly. 

Show and Tell

When your child receives the show and tell bag in September, he/she will be asked to bring a favorite toy to tell about. Each month we will have a new theme for Show and Tell.  The theme will be found in the newsletter.


What are Learning Centers?

At the Rainbow Factory our classrooms are set up in Learning Centers.  We feel learning centers are natural approach to use when providing learning experiences for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  Young children are active and curious learners.  Learning centers take into consideration these developmental characteristics and offer an organized environment for young children.  Carefully selected materials allow children to explore concrete objects, and a range of these materials helps each child to work at his or her own developmental level.  Working in small groups gives children the opportunity to interact with learning materials and with each other more than they can in whole-group experiences.  Sharing materials helps children learn to work more cooperatively and to develop a sense of responsibility toward the classroom and each other.


Some learning centers are:  art, blocks, science, listening, center for one, dramatic play, music, and play dough are just a few centers at the Rainbow Factory.  The children visit these centers each day to learn.  



A very big THANK YOU to..


Our Rainbow Factory parents and supporters are essential to making our school such a wonderful place! We had some amazing parents volunteer over the summer to share their time and talent.


All our amazing natural playground clean-up crew! Larry Battey, Hannah Bryant, Derek Pressnall,and the Quinn Family helped prepare this beautiful space for the upcoming school year.



Thank you to the First United Methodist Church maintenance staff who went far above and beyond this summer to get our school ready for the new school year!


Thank you for the First United Methodist Church “Mow Crew” who volunteer their time every week to keep our outdoor playground beautiful!


We are also deeply thankful for the families that chose donation petals during our open house.  These supplies will be put to great use in your child’s classroom.