October 2017 Newsletter

What a wonderful first month at the Rainbow Factory!  The children are so eager and motivated to explore the many activities available.  The staff appreciates all of the kind comments we have received from parents.  October willbring a lot of meaningful learning activities to the Rainbow Factory. There is a busy month ahead. Melynda Stout Photography will return to Rainbow Factory for individual and class pictures.  On Thursday, October 19th we will have our Fall Festival Fundraiser. Mark your calendar, it’s sure to be a fun filled evening!  And, of course, we will celebrate Halloween with a parade and activities.


Melynda Stout Photography

Individual and class pictures will be taken at the Rainbow Factory by Melynda Stout Photography.  All preschoolers and siblings (if you would like) may be photographed on Wednesday October 11th and Thursday October 12th.  If you would like your Rainbow Factory student(s) to be photographed with any siblings not attending our school, please bring them to Rainbow Factory Wednesday or Thursday morning 8:30-9:00am.

Wednesday October 11th    MWF 3’s Classes

                                             MWF PM Class

Thursday October 12th    T/TH 3’s Class

                                            M-F AM and Full Day Class

Fall Festival Fundraiser

Please invite your family and friends to join us for a wonderful night of fun! We will be offering a delicious dinner of pizza, breadsticks, and drinks. Meal tickets must be purchased in advance for $10.00 for each adult and $5.00 for each child.  There will also be games, a book nook, a bake sale, and more! Tickets to participate in the fun will be available for purchase the night of the event for 25 cents each.

If you plan to volunteer to work with the children,  be sure you have completed the Nebraska Child/Adult Neglect Registry forms and have been officially cleared to work with the preschoolers.  If you have questions about this please see Mrs. Pressnall or call the preschool.


Halloween Celebration

We are looking forward to a spooktackular Halloween Celebration at Rainbow Factory! In addition to a classroom party and trick-or-treating, students will participate in a Halloween Parade. 

Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes upon arrival. Please consider your child’s costume carefully.  We suggest costumes that allow freedom of movement and make-up or face paint rather than masks because masks can inhibit vision and breathing.  If you would like your child to bring special treats for classmates on Halloween, please send them by Thursday October  26th.  Some suggestions for ‘treats’ are:  stickers, bubbles, small note pads, or a small piece of peanut free candy.

MWF Threes Classes,(Rm. 101-12 students, Rm. 102-11 students) Monday October 30th, 11AM,

MWF Afternoon Class (15 students), Monday October 30th,  2:30PM

TTH Threes Class, (12 students) Tuesday October 31st, 11:00AM

Morning and Full Day Class, (15 students) Tuesday October 31st, 2:30PM


Mrs. Battey and Mr. Carlson’s morning students please visit with  Mrs. Battey or Mrs. Pressnall to discuss your child’s parade options.  Thank you!

Snow Days

Yes, it is that time of the year when we may have snowy weather!  When Omaha Public Schools (OPS) are canceled due to inclement weather, the Rainbow Factory classes will also be cancelled.  Please make your own decision regarding the conditions of roads in your area, as weather conditions vary greatly across the city.  You and your children’s safety is the first concern!


Calendar and Upcoming Events

October 2nd & 3rdParent Observation and Visitation

October 11th &12thIndividual and Class Pictures

October 19th         Fall Festival Fundraiser6:00-7:30 PM

October 20th        No classes…Teacher In-Service Day

October 27th        Fun Friday Volunteer Meeting

October 30th        Halloween Parade  11:00AM for MWF Threes

                                                             2:30 PM MWF Afternoon Class, dismissal will immediately follow

October 31st           Halloween Parade 11:00am for T TH Threes

                                                           2:30PM for M-F Morning andFull Day Class, dismissal will immediately follow

November 9th & 10th    Parent/Teacher Sharing

November 10th         NO CLASSES, parents only

November 22rd-24thThanksgiving Break(No classes)


Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a time when children tell others about one specific

item. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to bring something

special from home, and build confidence speaking in front of others. A reminder

toy guns, knives, swords, bow and arrows, and other items that would hurt someone

are not acceptable or appropriate for preschool.


Play Clothes

Play clothes are very much appreciated at preschool.  We will be painting, digging dirt, playing in the sand, mixing colored water and doing some messy projects. 


Washing Hands

Washing hands and using the bathroom before entering the classroom is a routine each child should have mastered by October.  The restroom to the right of the glass doors is designated for preschoolers during preschool hours.



Threes Classes

Colors:  Orange, Black   Shape:  Square   Units:  Apples, Spiders, Pumpkins

 Objectives: Child will listen to their teacher’s direction the first time the direction is given.          

                    Child will count dots, and apple manipulatives to further develop an understanding

                    of one-to-one correspondence.

                   Child will use positional words to develop a sense of space and time.

The month of October begins with our students learning all about apples. Among other activities, our students will seriate apples from largest to smallest. Our students will design a scarecrow, and strengthen their fine motor skills when using marbles to create a spiderweb.  Our month will end with a special Halloween Celebration!


M-F AM and Full Day, MWFPM

Colors: Orange, Black        Shapes: Triangle, Hexagon       Units: Bats, Halloween

Numbers: 4,5,6,7               Letters: Bb, Hh, Tt, Ee                  Word Family: ‘at’

Shortly after October begins, your child we be coming home with a ‘Bb’ bag, to be filled with an item that begins with the letter ‘b’. Our dramatic play center will become a bat cave as we learn many interesting facts about bats this month. Our students will be reviewing all letters and letter sounds previously learned with hands-on classroom activities. We will also begin our small groups for literacy instruction during center time.  These mini-lessons will focus on identifying our letters and letters sounds, as well learning to sound out word families for those students that are ready. Our full day students will also be learning all about buses and boats. The month will end by celebrating Halloween with activities and a classroom party!

Our Wish List

Sanitizing / Cleaning Wipes

Hand Soap

A Very Big Thank You To…

All our SeptemberFun Friday volunteers. These volunteers gave their time and talent to create materials and supplies for our classrooms.  Our appreciation for theirkindness is immense. Thank you Mrs. Becker,  Mrs. Bolin, Mrs. Bloomquist Korth Fong,     Mr. Fargo, Mrs. Garden, Mrs. Schultz, Mr. VanKat, and Mrs. Wetterstrom.