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Omaha's Premier Preschool

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Where adventure begins

Omaha's Premier Preschool

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our philosophy

Rainbow Factory Preschool has been in existence since 1964.  It is a Piagetian, active-learning preschool.  Our philosophy is to fit the curriculum to the children.  Decision making, independence, and problem solving are developed through learning centers, dramatic play, cooking, music, movement exploration, language activities, graphing, field trips, nature center activities, and literature.  Children learn by playing, doing, exploring, solving real problems and enjoying self-initiated activities and projects. A balance of active and quiet play is provided for, with individual and group activities which stimulate growth in young children.


Our goal is to provide a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum and environment for the children.  In this way, children will develop and grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.


active learning

Children are active learners.  Children learn through experiences with people, objects and things in their world.  Experience through play, knowledge, curiosity and sense of wonder are foundations for children’s learning.  Children’s ideas about themselves impact their interactions with adults, with other children, and with how they view themselves as learners.



Learning is most meaningful when it is integrated across all areas of development.  Children construct knowledge and integrate new ideas and concepts into their existing understandings.  Their achievements in language and learning are influenced by the social and emotional aspects of their development.  Communication influences mathematical and scientific understandings.  There are no clear lines between the domains or areas of learning.



Development and learning are rooted in culture and supported by the family. The child’s language, knowledge, traditions, and family expectations are the primary influences on development.  Learning is enriched by stable, nurturing relationships within the family and community.



We understand that play is a child's work and through play a child learns.  We encourage children to reach out, touch, laugh, sing, and discover that learning is fun.


We understand that play is a child's work and through play a child learns.  We encourage children to reach out, touch, laugh, sing, and discover that learning is fun.

Rainbow factory programs



    • 1:00-3:00 pm •  $85/Month

Starting in January, this once a week class serves as an introduction to preschool for our youngest learners.  In this class we focus on learning through play, while providing opportunities for social interaction, problem solving, and building independence.  This class focuses on building confidence and familiarity with our daily preschool procedures.  When the class concludes in May, the children begin summer feeling positive about their experience, excited, and ready for their next year of preschool. 

Just 3's

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday                                                                                                       9:30-11:30 am • $195.00/MONTH  or  1:00-3:00 PM  • $195.00/month

  • Tuesday, Thursday
    9:30-11:30 am • $165.00/month

Our Preschool curriculum begins at 3 years of age. Everyday the children are given opportunities to participate in individual, small group, and whole group activities.  Our curriculum focuses on fun, hands-on activities to keep children actively engaged as they learn to recognize letters and their corresponding sounds, explore number concepts, and develop positive character traits. Our preschool classroom in prepared with learning centers that encourage intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. This is a classroom filled with adventure and discovery. 

Just 4's and 5's

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday Afternoon
    12:3o-3:00PM • $200.00/month

  • Monday - Friday morning
    9:00AM-12:00PM • $325.00/month

    M/W/F 9:00AM-12:00PM, T/TH 9:00AM-3:00PM • $480.00/MONTH

    9:00am - 3:00Pm • $630.00/month

We offer four different Pre-K class choices.  All classes work towards teaching the same academic and social objectives. We are proud to offer different class options in hopes of providing the opportunity for all children to have the Pre-K experience. Our curriculum for our 4 and 5 year olds builds on everything learned earlier in our Preschool program. Kindergarten readiness activities are taught in a fun and structured environment.  This class will continue to learn through play, with a focus on reaching specific academic goals. This is a time for deepening the child’s confidence, building friendships, and learning to love school.  We send Rainbow Factory children to Kindergarten academically prepared and with joy in their hearts. 


The Staff

The Staff

Mrs. Pressnall


Mrs. Pressnall considers herself to be a life long learner.  She is passionate about creating a positive and meaningful educational experience for every child that attends Rainbow Factory Preschool.  After teaching for Omaha Public Schools for the past twelve years, she's enjoying her third year as Director of Rainbow Factory.  Mrs. Pressnall has a strong background in music and art, and enjoys  drawing on those experiences to enrich preschool’s wonderful curriculum.  Rainbow Factory welcomes all visitors, please stop by anytime. Mrs. Pressnall would love to show you what we’re all about!

Mrs. Battey


Mrs. Battey strongly believes there is great joy in teaching young children.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and has loved being a preschool teacher for over 30 years.  She is a master teacher and joins us for her tenth year at Rainbow Factory.  She will continue to teach our Monday through Friday Pre-K class. Kindergarten readiness skills are taught with great care in her room, with the goal of sending confident, prepared, and happy children off to enjoy Kindergarten the following year. 

Mrs. Bird


Mrs. Bird joins us at Rainbow Factory for her fifth year of teaching Preschool.  She has earned a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Before her time at Rainbow Factory, Mrs. Bird taught 5th and 1st grade for thirteen years. She will teach our Threes classes, and  continue to teach our Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon 4's and 5's  class.  She has loved her time teaching younger children,  and believes Rainbow Factory is the best place for children to learn and grow.


Mrs. ORY


Mrs. Ory will be returning to teach at Rainbow Factory this year.  She has taught preschool for over 25 years, and has also been an Early Childhood Instructor at Metro Community College for the past 9 years. We are thrilled to welcome her back!  Mrs. Ory will be teaching our Threes classes . She believes all children are capable of great things. and looks forward to developing our student's language and literacy skills.  


mrs. phillips


Mrs. Phillips will be assisting Mrs. Bird in our Monday, Wednesday, Friday Threes classroom. She began her journey at Rainbow Factory as a parent, then became a favorite substitute teacher for a school, and we are excited she now has a permanent position in our Rainbow Factory Family.  She believes that preschool children learn best through hands on key experiences. We are so happy she will joining us at Rainbow Factory this upcoming year!




Ms. Skoog will be joining us for her second year at Rainbow Factory.   As well assisting in Mrs. Ory's Threes class and Mrs. Bird's 4's and 5's afternoon class, Ms. Skoog will be teaching our Just Barely Threes class beginning in January.  She is looking forward to an adventure filled year, and believes education must be tailored to each child's individual development. 



Mrs. Flanery


 Mrs, Flanery  will be assisting Mrs. Battey in our Monday through Friday Full Day classroom.  Mrs. Flanery began her Rainbow Factory journey as a parent, and has had a year of experience as an Assistant Teacher. She loves working with children, and is excited to be entering into this new position in our Rainbow Factory Family. She believes that all children are capable of great creative and social development in the classroom.