our philosophy

Rainbow Factory Preschool has been in existence since 1964.  It is a Piagetian, active-learning preschool.  Our philosophy is to fit the curriculum to the children.  Decision making, independence, and problem solving are developed through learning centers, dramatic play, cooking, music, movement exploration, language activities, graphing, field trips, nature center activities, and literature.  Children learn by playing, doing, exploring, solving real problems and enjoying self-initiated activities and projects. A balance of active and quiet play is provided for, with individual and group activities which stimulate growth in young children.


Our goal is to provide a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum and environment for the children.  In this way, children will develop and grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.


active learning

Children are active learners.  Children learn through experiences with people, objects and things in their world.  Experience through play, knowledge, curiosity and sense of wonder are foundations for children’s learning.  Children’s ideas about themselves impact their interactions with adults, with other children, and with how they view themselves as learners.



Learning is most meaningful when it is integrated across all areas of development.  Children construct knowledge and integrate new ideas and concepts into their existing understandings.  Their achievements in language and learning are influenced by the social and emotional aspects of their development.  Communication influences mathematical and scientific understandings.  There are no clear lines between the domains or areas of learning.



Development and learning are rooted in culture and supported by the family. The child’s language, knowledge, traditions, and family expectations are the primary influences on development.  Learning is enriched by stable, nurturing relationships within the family and community.